Womb Box

Womb Box

Care for mom,

so she can care for baby.


Discover Womb Box

Womb Box is a premium care kit for the modern, mindful mama. Boxes come with high-quality, healthy, and safe products for expecting moms.

Curated with care

We tested hundreds of products and hand-picked the best to help moms recover after birth. From nursing teas to care for down there – we’ve got you covered, mama!

Great for gifting

Tiny newborn outfits are cute, but let’s not forget the mom-to-be. Gifting Womb Box is the perfect way to pamper an expecting mama to support her health and well-being.

Motherly things inside

Hand-picked post-birth essentials delivered to an expecting mother’s doorstep, before her baby arrives.

Perfectly personalized

With 1-3 month subscriptions (coming soon), one-time gift boxes, build a box, and both natural and cesarean birth boxes—there’s a box for every soon-to-be mom.

The first-time mom

Oh Mama, we know firsthand how overwhelming it can be to prepare for a little one. The list is endless — often leaving yourself last, if at all. We are here to help!

The fourth-time mom

Foggy mom-brain is REAL and you can't quite remember everything you need or want for your next postpartum journey. Whether it's your first or fourth, we've got you covered, mama!

A baby shower gift

Hosting a baby shower and in need of the perfect gift? Are you the Father-to-Be, Mother, Mother-in-Law, Grandma or Favorite Aunt — and you're not quite sure what to gift your loved one? No worries, we've done the work for you!

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Womb+Birth Classic Box
Womb+Birth Classic Box Womb+Birth Classic Box Womb+Birth Classic Box Womb+Birth Classic Box Womb+Birth Classic Box Womb+Birth Classic Box Womb+Birth Classic Box Womb+Birth Classic Box

15 full-size essentials, thoughtfully curated and delivered.

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What moms are saying.

"Womb Box had everything I needed for postpartum care and there wasn’t an item that didn’t go unused."

– Kelsey J

"I was so worried about making sure I had everything that the baby would need, I didn't put much thought into my needs."

– Katelyn L

"Once we arrived home from the hospital I was comforted to know that my Womb Box was waiting for me and I knew that not only was everything I needed already there."

– Erika G

"I used all of the products for several months and I’m still using some of products at 15 months postpartum. Womb Box makes the perfect gift for the new mom."

– Toni B

"Thank you Womb Box for this amazing after pregnancy box <3"

– Deena Nicole, MTV

Taylor Young mentioned you in a comment: @thewombbox thank you!! And thank you for the most incredible box of post partum goodies. It’s been a godsend! Absolutely getting one for every new mommy friend of mine from now on ♥️🙏🏼

– Via Instagram - Taylor Young, (Country Artist, Brett Young's Wife)

"My sister was so happy when she received my package. She said it was not only unexpected but she felt very special, as everything about the baby coming well, surrounds the baby. She said all the postpartum products reminded her that taking care of herself is primal for the baby’s wellbeing. Not only that, the delivery was waaaay faster than anticipated and the hand-written note took it to the next level.  Thank you so, so very much 💕"

– Maria G.

"4th baby. 1st Womb box! Seriously, this was the best gift I could have received. Not only is this box well thought out and planned for all new mommas, the products are as well. I am super cautious of the products I use and what I put in to my body...womb box gets it all right. I’ve used everything and even reordered several postpartum items that I had never used in the past. I highly recommend this. In fact I can’t wait to buy it for an expectant momma...it’s my new go to baby gift Bc seriously who needs another onesie or baby blanket? New Mommas need TLC!!"

– Lorraine J


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