Womb Box

Our Story

“I want to help expectant mothers have a positive fourth trimester!

To feel prepared and pampered so that they are able to heal and recover effortlessly — when they need it the most — during those important first hours, days, weeks, and months. ”



Womb was founded by Sarah McLaughlin Reed in December 2016 when she became the mother of two little ones under 18 months old.

Once home from the hospital after the arrival of her first child in June 2015, she rushed to make her husband a quick list of items to buy: sanitary pads, wipes, witch hazel pads, sprays, balms, and more.
The experience was stressful as new, sleep-deprived parents; forgotten items, out-of-stock products, and the wrong brands purchased, resulting in hours of online shopping and waiting for shipping. Precious hours were wasted when she could have been resting or enjoying those first moments at home with her new baby.
After the birth of her second child - hormonal and overwhelmed with two young babies this time, Sarah found herself sending her husband to the grocery store to grab last minute care and hygiene items for recovery. Although she was more prepared this time, important items were again forgotten in the rush.
A light bulb went off the next morning when she was rummaging through a self-care caddy she built. A way to help other new mothers appeared and Womb was born.
Thank you for supporting our small, family-owned business!
With Love,
The Reeds
Sarah, Dustin, Lillian (3.5) & Everett (2)